7 Style Tips I’ve Learned From Working At J.Crew

When I started working at J.Crew 2 and a half years ago, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my style. I was a freshman in college and I thought that I always looked great. I’m sure everyone in the same shoes has the same idea. I’ve always loved clothing and looking good, but it wasn’t until I started at J.Crew that I realized a lot about style.

I think Jenna Lyons is a great example of what J.Crew exemplifies. I am a big fan of her because her style is so poised, yet soΒ different.Β That’s something I’ve always aspire to be. I’ve learned so much at J.Crew and my style has evolved so much. I appreciate the simple pieces that will be in my wardrobe forever, but I’ve also learned to embrace the weird and wacky.

Today, I’m sharing the best things that I’ve learned about style from working at J.Crew. This is really exciting to me because I feel like I really am sharing a piece of my life and something I’m passionate about.

ALWAYS wear a third piece

Shop the look:

This tip was one of the first thing that I learned when I started at J.Crew. Adding a third piece makes any outfit look more put together. Never just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Throw on a blazer, a sweater or an accessory. A third piece pulls the look together and is so chic.

Pants + Shirt + Blazer = 3 pieces

Don’t just roll your sleeves up, cuff them

Here’s a video I found to show you the effortless cuff roll…trust me it looksΒ muchΒ better.

Credit: Stitch Fix

Be a little weird sometimes

Credit to: WWD

Have a boring shirt? Add a little tulle. Weird shapes and patterns are great pieces to have, even if you don’t think so. I’ve really learned to express myself through pieces that might be a little out there. It makes you really feel good.

Layer. Layer. Layer.

Layer your necklaces. Layer your shirts. Layer it all. A sweater over a button down is so classic, but one of the best combinations ever. Try to layer it all on. Layer your button down shirts on top of each other! I swear it looks really cool over a graphic tee.

Pair something over the top, with something super basic

Credit to: WWD

Have a nice tulle skirt tucked away in your closet? Add a classic button down to make it more appropriate. A pink wide-leg silk pant? Add a t-shirt and some bling and call it a day.

A Canadian tuxedo is always a good idea

I don’t care what you say, wearing denim on denim is super chic. Whenever I’m in doubt, this is what I go for. Adding that third piece such as a blazer or neck scarf makes things that much better. Adding a fun shoe is a great way to spice things up. But overall, Canadian Tuexedo’s are the best. Have some fun with it by pairing different shades of denim or don’t and wear the same shade. It’s a great look if done correctly.


The half-tuck is everything. It’s the best trick in the book. This is how you can easily go from drab to model fab. To do this, casually tuck a small portion of the front of your shirt into the front of your bottoms. If you’re wearing a button down, tuck one side and leave the other out. It really does change the whole look of an outfit.

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    Love these style tips! Definitely going to incorporate some more layering into my style!

    Bella x

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