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For most of my life I have been known as the little “fashionista”. Fashion is my “thing”.  Through many fashion faux pas and failures, I have evolved into a young adult with a passion for all things fashion. I truly believe that you should ALWAYS look your very best, no matter the situation.

Sports and fashion are my main obsessions. I grew up in the household of a professional athlete, and a family blessed with true athletic talent. I, on the other hand, must have been absent on the day that sport skills were passed out! Although, I do possess a zeal that most girls do not have for sports of all kinds. Hockey has consumed my life in an unexplainable way. Sports are such an integral part of who I am and I am currently on the journey to scoring my dream job in the industry.

Hope my blog is enjoyable for all, and can be related to by the girls who love life, clothes, and maybe even some sports. Whether I’m sharing my “Press Level Fashion” picks or my latest fascination with a new workout class, I’m glad you’ve chosen to read along!


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