I promise to not disclose any of your information. I do have programs involved with my site that may gather data from all of my readers, however I do not share any of this information with any outside parties. Girl Next Score promises to not work with any companies that I do not agree with their terms. My opinions are my very own, and nothing is going to stop me from expressing them.

Girl Next Score reserves the right to remove any posts from the website. Comments that are deemed inappropriate, spam, negative, offensive or unrelated will be deleted immediately.

I am involved in affiliate marketing, so I may make commission off of links. I am also a part of several different networks which are always going to be listed in my sidebar.


If any company gifts me with a product, Girl Next Score will disclose this information when posting about it. If I choose to review the product, or share about it, it is my own choice and I am sharing my own opinion. I will not share something that does not align with my own beliefs or views.


I may have advertisements in the side bars and bottom of my website that I may make some commission off of. I also may post content that I am getting paid to advertise. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to sacrifice my integrity for any amount of money {no matter how tempting}


All images are owned by me, unless noted otherwise. Please know that I reserve the right to request the images be taken down if they are not credited to the rightful owner. If you share any images or media taken from Girl Next Score that I own, please be mindful to link it back to where it came from.

Collaborations & Sponsored Posts

I love working with brands! If you are a brand wanting to reach out to me, please make sure that your products are a good fit for my brand. Any products sent to me will be reviewed/or showcased in a way that fits my style. The words that I may write are my own opinion. For more information about pricing, etc. contact me at allison@girlnextscore.com.

If you are a blogger reaching out to me about collaborating, please also make sure that my websites aesthetic is suitable with your own. If you are interested in collaborations please contact me at allison@girlnextscore.com.


Any information provided to Girl Next Score- such as emails, name, phone number – will not be shared with any outside parties. GNS values your dedication to providing these details and privacy is taken seriously.



If you are a company/brand that would like to advertise on Girl Next Score please contact me at allison@girlnextscore.com. I will not work with anyone that I do not feel represents my brand well.


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