Learning To Love My Smile With Smile Brilliant

I’m not one to believe that appearance is everything, but I do think it is a huge part of who you are. I thinkΒ that if you feel good about how you look, then you’re going to be so much more confident in your everyday life. For me, my teeth and my smile have always been an insecurity.

I’ve had a white spot on my tooth since I was little and have tried everything to whiten/get it to go away. It’s not as noticeable as it once was, but I still feel like my smile isn’t as white and bright as I wish it could be.

When Smile Brilliant contacted me about collaborating, I was so excited! I’ve looked into so many different types of teeth whitening regimens and none of them really stood out to me until I found Smile Brilliant. The results are fantastic so I was definitely eager to try their incredibly affordable at home whitening trays.

The system is easy to use and is totally made for you! They send you impression trays that you send back and they make a custom-fitted tray for you to use. This makes the biggest difference, I think. They’re easy and comfortable to wear because they are made FOR YOU. Smile Brilliant makes it so easy to choose which system is right for you and they have all of the information you could possibly need about what to buy.

I saw subtle results after a day of using, but after a week it was completely noticeable. As someone who loves to drink coffee, I need something to help with my coffee stained teeth and Smile Brilliant has completely made a difference. The system that I used is also the perfect thing for sensitive teeth, which I definitely have.

Since using Smile Brilliant my teeth have never been whiter and all I want to do is smile to show them off. I totally love my smile, which is something I can’t always say that I have done.

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Thank you, thank you to Smile Brilliant for giving me the confidence to smile again!

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